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Thursday, March 19

March 19, 2015

Spongebob: Today we added our 10th archetype: THE CHARMER. This is a character who is defined primarily by his or her amorous interest in, or attractiveness to, other characters. A charmer doesn’t have to be charming, in all cases: sometimes they just have to work at it.

The two subarchetypes of this archetype are fairly different. A ROGUE does work hard at using his or her charm. Sometimes they’re really successful (James Bond, Tony Stark, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Blanche from The Golden Girls). Sometimes they’re not, so much (Ryan from The Office, Tom from Parks and Rec).

A BOY (or GIRL) NEXT DOOR, by contrast, doesn’t work as hard at exploiting his or charm. Sometimes they don’t work hard at all. Think of Sugar Kane from Some Like It Hot, or Jim (and, to some extent, Pam) from The Office. “Boy/Girl Next Door” does not suggest innocence, necessarily: just that this character does not put racking up conquests on the front burner.

So we now have 10 archetypes. Your assignment for Tuesday is to tell me, in a well-written paragraph, what you believe we are missing so far. One way to do this assignment is to think not about archetypes, but characters. Find a character you think we haven’t covered, and that might lead you to the missing archetypes.

Hitchcock: Today we finished watching Rope and continued where we left off in Notorious. Here is the response, which is due next Thursday: Hitchcock 3.19.15 – Film Response 5, Rope.

Here’s the plan:

On Tuesday, we’ll finish watching Notorious, which will immediately be followed by a discussion of Authorship, Design, and Execution by Bruce Kawin (this was handed out in packet last week). There may (probably will) be a quiz on the reading assignment, just to make sure that you actually did it – some of you might find it a little challenging, so make sure to give yourselves enough time. Also please make sure to get to the end. There are LOTS of references to films in this reading, many of which I’m sure you haven’t seen, and vital information is packed around all of these references, so it’s important to read this carefully.

Siren: LAVA on the Road rehearsal. April copy due Tuesday.

Daily Prompt: Played a game. For your entry based on today, you can write about your experience, rant about it, or write something tangential.

Four new entries due on Tuesday, as always.

7th Grade:

Bookbinding: Almost finished with the long stitch project!

Survey: CNF: Today I gave you a chance to interview me — I took three questions from each of you, and answered one per person — to prepare for Tuesday’s interview with Mrs. Serra.

Your assignment for Tuesday is to take one question I answered — could be yours, could be someone else’s — and write, on a notecard, how I answered the question, using a mix of my quotes and your own observations (and prior knowledge of me).

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