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Wednesday, March 25

March 26, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Today: Blackham and Andrasko.

Remember: Finish the packet for Monday, April 6 — the day we are back from break. Round Three poems are due on the blog at the beginning of class that day. Monday, April 6

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Haley. Payton’s story was handed out; we will do it upon return from spring break.

Act One: Ran more one-acts. We’ll finish up Friday.

BatCat Press: 

7/8 Lit Arts: Finished watching the 1952 film version of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Remember your assignment for next Monday:

1. Tell me the dramatic question (remember, every play has one — we talked about this last week) and the answer to that question. Another way to look at it: what is it that keeps you watching this play?

2. Find 10 funny lines from the script. (There are dozens and dozens and dozens.) Then, in a line or two, explain what makes them funny.

EXAMPLE: Algernon tells Lady Bracknell that he hears Lady Harbury’s hair “has turned quite gold from grief” at the passing of her late husband. This is funny because we understand he is saying she is not grieving at all — that the death of her husband has made her feel (and act) much younger.

7th Grade: 

Survey: CNF: Sat in on Mrs. Serra’s Voice and Speech class to observe for your biographical sketches. This will hopefully give you a moment or two for your sketches, as well as more information about Mrs. Serra.

These sketches will be due the Thursday after we return from spring break (April 9). I will be giving the complete interview transcripts and some guidelines on Friday.

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