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Monday, April 6

April 6, 2015

Welcome back, everyone!

Poetry Workshop: Today: McCormick and Turner. Round Three poems were due on the blog today. I’ll give the packets out Wednesday, and we’ll start Round 3 next week.

Fiction Workshop: Today we finished up Round 2 with Payton. The due dates for Round 3 have been set and are as follows:

Due Monday, April 13: Haley, Abigail

Due Wednesday, April 15: Mallory, Sarah

Due Monday, April 20: Payton, Sara

Due Wednesday, April 22: Olivia, Jenna

Due Monday, April 27: Autumn, Jonnah

Due Wednesday, April 29: Rosemary, Ariana

Due Monday, May 4: Rhyan (Laura’s story is very long and will be handed out well ahead of time, but will be workshopped on the same day as Rhyan.)

Family Values:

BatCat Press: Getting there!

7/8 Lit Arts: You turned in your homework, and we discussed the dramatic question of The Importance of Being Earnest. (Will Jack marry Gwendolyn? It’s a rom-com, folks! One of the very best, though.)

Then we watched almost all of this A&E documentary about Oscar Wilde. Finish the final segment (Segment 7, which we had just started) for next week, please.

I had you watch this because I think there’s no better way to understand Earnest than to know about the guy who wrote it. I don’t believe that’s necessarily true of all works and all authors, but Wilde’s life is so caught up in his work that I think you have to know about his bio to really appreciate this play.

No other assignment for next Monday — the PSSAs are almost here — but I ask that anyone interested in reading at the Middle School Showcase on May 13 at 6 p.m., please let me know next week. Please try to let me know what work you think you want to read, as well.

7th Grade: Passed two more bills, about paparazzi stalking and lowering the minimum age to get a driver’s permit. Then we worked on some codes. Scavenger hunt Friday!

Survey: Screenwriting: Today I handed back your first scenes with dialogue, which are all marked up. Generally the scenes that you wrote were really good, but the formatting and style needs quite a bit of work overall. So the marks don’t mean that your work is not “good,” it just means that corrections must be made in order for it to be written properly.

In class we went over a packet of screenplay excerpts and made corrections – it seems like you guys are getting better by the minute, which is great! Keep it up.

The next assignment is this: Screenwriting 4.6.15 – Assignment 6, Sequence. Don’t overthink it – really, all you’re doing is writing three scenes that happen one after the other and all concern the same part of the story. We watched an example from Jurassic Park, in which the kids are in the car and they meet the T-rex for the first time. This is a sequence because, even though it seems like one continuous segment, it has to be written as a series of scenes with separate scene headings (INT. CAR #1 – NIGHT, EXT. CAR #1 – CONTINUOUS, EXT. PERIMETER FENCE – CONTINUOUS, INT. CAR #2 – CONTINUOUS, INT. BATHROOM HUT – CONTINUOUS, etc.).

We’ll see a few more examples tomorrow, just to make sure we’re all on the same page. This is due Monday, April 13.

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