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Tuesday, April 28

April 28, 2015

Spongebob: Gave back the midterms and we went over my comments. I gave out copies of Orson Scott Card’s translation of The Taming of the Shrew, which we will be watching next week. My suggestion is to 1. read the translation, fighting through the difficult parts, then 2. Spark Note the play (I’d focus on the synopsis and the factual notes, rather than the analysis. Keep an open mind about what we will see next week.)

We did not get to your post-apocalyptic Lincoln Park archetypal characters — my mistake. Please bring that stuff in Thursday and be ready to present it (and to turn in the written character sketches).

Hitchcock: Today we started North by Northwest. We’re in the home stretch. This film is long so we won’t finish it till next Tuesday. IF YOU HAVE TO LEAVE FOR COMP: please make sure to see me to make arrangements to see the movie. If you can find it online, that would be the easiest solution. If you can’t, however, it’s still your responsibility to see me in order to figure out another way. I will not hunt you down.

We got to 1:09, for those of you that missed it.

Siren: May stuff.

Daily Prompt: Notebooks were checked and we had a class reading. Let’s take it up a notch these last few weeks!

We’ll try Brenna’s game and do an activity on Thursday.


8th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Today you took an extra credit quiz. Then we read the Ann Hodgman essay “No Wonder They Call Me A Bitch” (about eating dog food) and brainstormed a list of “what-if” scenarios. Here it is:


Your job for Thursday is to choose one (or adapt one, or make up your own), and turn it in on an index card at the beginning of class. I need to approve these before you can start writing this essay.

Also Thursday: your Serra revision is due. Don’t forget the original essay with my notes — it is worth 10 points!

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