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Thursday, April 30

April 30, 2015

Spongebob: Heard your homework from last week. Remember: the key to archetypes is not always how they ACT, but how they INTERACT. So I was happy to see the thought that some of you put into your character interactions.

To that end, we watched a few minutes of The Office (from Season 3) as an example of how archetypes interact. We have a VILLAGE IDIOT (Michael Scott) who is idolized by the office MISFIT (Dwight). The PROTECTOR (Pam) who holds the office together (and who also has strong elements of THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) is dating the BOY NEXT DOOR (Jim; which is one reason everyone is rooting for them). The officer ROGUE (Ryan) usually ends up with the ORPHAN (Kelly), while the office TRICKSTER (Daryl) uses race (and other people’s ignorance about it) to get ahead. And even though we didn’t see the ETERNAL CHILD (Andy) much, you bet that’s what he is, from his anger issues to his naive personality.

The other characters, meanwhile, are pretty much single-purpose, from the Ice Queen (Angela) to the Creepy Old Man (Creed) to the Angry Old Man (Stanley). I’m giving them these names but we might call them others; the point is that they have absolutely no scope beyond their narrow, narrow stereotypes.

Read The Taming of the Shrew (and, if you can, SparkNote it) for Tuesday!

Hitchcock: Today we actually finished North by Northwest! What an ending, right?


There is no written assignment but there is a reading assignment for Tuesday. When you get to class, you’ll be given a response sheet (like the last time there was an assigned reading), and we’ll follow that up with a discussion. And just like last time, your participation in the discussion (and the response) is worth points. Do the reading. It’s not long and it’s not hard.

Siren: Breaking news! You guys did an awesome job cranking out three pieces on deadline! THAT is how a newsroom works. We’ll talk more about it next week. (Remember: May copy is due Tuesday!)

Daily Prompt: Today you wrote using the diction found in a book, then we played Brenna’s game. Four entries are due on Tuesday, as always, and remember, if there is an activity that you’d like to see us do before the end of the year, please let me know and I’ll try to work it in. If not, who knows what will happen. 🙂

Bookbinding: Coptic.

8th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Today we discussed your ideas for your “what if” essays. These are due on Tuesday, May 12. So that means you need to get them done early, so you can write about what happens. If you’re having problems, let me know early!

***Also remember: your extra credit essays are due Tuesday, May 5!

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