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Monday, May 4

May 4, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Today: McCormick and Bain. For Wednesday: Talbott.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Ariana and Rosemary. Jonnah and Rhyan for Wednesday, and Laura for Monday. The guidelines for the final round were handed out, and here they are: Fiction 5.5.15 – Round 4 Guidelines. Also, you will need to do a revision on your own time (I’m going to let you decide what to revise, but if you want me to tell you, I will). Revisions are due, posted to the blog, by Monday, June 1.

Family Values:

BatCat: We are staying after Tues. – Thurs. this week. Sign up on the back board.

7/8 Lit Arts: We reviewed your one-acts, and you answered three questions about each one. We’ll discuss them (and do the ones we didn’t get to) next week.

Reminder from Mr.Anderson: A typed copy of your final piece for revision is due Wednesday.

8th Grade: Took a quiz (which doesn’t count for a grade) about history and government, to see what you know. Talked about what you like and don’t like about studying history. Then we watched this video to remind us that history does matter sometimes — at least if some guy stops you at the amusement park on July 4?

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we went through the “Character” section of Your Screenplay Sucks and then you had time to work in your groups. The treatment is due at the beginning of class on Friday! This is all you need to worry about outside of class right now (no additional homework). You will have some time to work together on Wednesday, but not the whole block, so make sure you plan accordingly.

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