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Monday, May 11

May 11, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Today: the first four poems from the first packet. For Wednesday: the next four poems (McCormick, Nickel, Kozar and Shaffer.)

Fiction Workshop: Today we started Laura’s piece and will continue on Wednesday. If you did not have your materials ready for today, please make up for it on Wednesday.

In class today we focused on world-building; we’ll continue this discussion as well as a focus on character and character development (as well as other issues/topics) on Wednesday.

7/8 Lit Arts: Ran the rest of the one-acts (with two exceptions, which we’ll get to next week).

BatCat: We will be staying after on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Please sign up on the board. Thanks in advance. 🙂

Family Values:

8th Grade: Watched this tutorial on law-making:

Then we proposed bills. I divided you into committees and we heard our first bill. We’ll continue Friday.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in your treatments and we did an in-class activity with dialogue. I also gave you a section from the “Your Screenplay Sucks” book on dialogue, some of which you read in class – you should read the rest of this handout at your leisure.

There is no homework for Wednesday, but keep in mind that the next assignment will be handed out this week, and that will be a long-ish screenplay assignment.

I asked you to think about your preferences for the end of the year: would you rather have a final exam, or have a final screenwriting assignment? Think about it and I’ll hear your opinions on Wednesday. Ultimately it will be my decision, but I’d like to hear your input.

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