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Tuesday, May 12

May 12, 2015

Spongebob: You analyzed your own archetypes today. I was worried about this, but it actually went OK.

This was a segue into talking about two more Jungian terms: projection and inflation, both of which relate to the dangers of classifying people as archetypes. Projection is our tendency to project archetypes onto people we know to make them fit our “story.” Inflation is our tendency to see ourselves as an archetype and, as Jung put it, ignore our shared humanity. As the philosopher Blaise Pascal once (wisely) said, man is neither angel nor beast.

I will give out the first packets of finals on Thursday.

Hitchcock: Today we finished watching Psycho. Here’s the response assignment: Hitchcock 5.12.15 – Film Response 6, Psycho. This is due on Thursday, May 21. Grades are currently up-to-date. If you have any concerns, see me sooner rather than later (if, for example, you are interested in some kind of extra credit).

Siren: Reviewed the quote exercise from Thursday. Be on the lookout for good quotes! Every conversation is an opportunity to practice developing this skill, which is crucial for a good reporter. (And for writers, too.)

Daily Prompt: Notebooks were checked. Activity on Thursday!


8th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Turned in your name essays, and we heard a few. If you were absent, you will turn yours in (and have a chance to read) on Thursday.

We then took a quiz on “How To Eat An Ice-Cream Cone.” (If you were absent, you will take it Thursday as well.) Your homework for Thursday is to write down 10 “How-To” ideas, ready to turn in. Thursday will be a work day, as scheduled — remember that your what-if essays are due next Tuesday, the 19th.

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