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Wednesday, May 13

May 13, 2015

Poetry Workshop: McCormick, Nickel, Kozar and Shaffer. Gave out new packets. For Monday: Cunningham, Pierri, Turner and Blackham.

Fiction Workshop: Today we finished workshopping Laura’s piece. Your single-sided stories are due Friday morning by 8 am. Don’t forget!!

Act One: Work day. Ives pieces due Friday, typewritten, formatted properly and ready to run.

BatCat: Staying late Thursday and Friday (if anyone is able to) and we’re also looking at availability for Sunday. Check your schedules. We’re close to the finish line!

7/8 Lit Arts:

8th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we went over all sorts of things. First, the schedule for the rest of the semester. Secondly, the final assignment for the story development project: Screenwriting 5.12.15 – Story Dev Proj Part 4, Excerpt. This is due next Friday, May 22.

I’ll let you know on Friday whether there will be a final or a final assignment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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