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Wednesday, May 20

May 20, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Turner, Bain, Ohlund, Andrasko.

Here’s what’s left for Wednesday, May 27: McNulty (which you’ve already responded to) and two final poems I gave out: Kreitzburg and Blackham (Round 3).

Your revisions are due by 8:45 a.m. Tuesday UNLESS you are one of the three people just mentioned. In that case, your revisions are due by 8:45 a.m. Thursday.

You have a revision partner, and you will be responding to your partner’s revision ONLY. However, these responses will be graded. They will all be due on Monday, June 1. You’ll each be getting a packet with the before/after version of the poem.

Here are the partners:










Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Autumn, Abigail, Jenna, and Sara. Please prepare Mallory, Jonnah, Sarah O, and Rhyan for Wednesday.

Act One: Ran more Ives-inspired one-acts. Remember: if you want 10 pts extra credit, have your final revision in to me by 9 a.m. Friday.

BatCat: TODAY’S THE DAY. Great job.

7/8 Lit Arts: Continued working on your partner one-acts.

8th Grade: Worked on our new countries.

Survey: Screenwriting: No class due to Pulp release. Excerpts are due at the beginning of class on Friday.

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