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Wednesday, Sept. 2

September 2, 2015

CNF Workshop: One prompt (our third): “How To Survive…” (based on Surviving by Davy Rothbart, BatCat Press, 2014). Then we went over workshop etiquette and guidelines, especially those for effective commenting.

The first essays are due on the blog by midnight on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7). If you are having WordPress issues, ask!!

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we started with an activity (Screenwriting 9.2.15 – Adapted Group Activity) that will carry us through to the 14th. Three scenes/sequences were selected and you will film and edit them together. Your directors are Andi, Laura, and Rhyan. Here are the groups:

Director: Andi
Assistant: Emmett
Actors: Olivia, Kat
Screenplay by: Rhyan

Director: Laura
Assistant: Faith
Actors: Anthony, Cecilia, Haley
Screenplay by: Kat B.

Director: Rhyan
Assistant: Mallory
Actors: Abigail, Abby
Screenplay by: Olivia

If you were absent, please check in with your director for more information. The screenplays are on the workshop blog; if you need an extra copy, you know where to go.

For next Wednesday, prepare for filming. Figure out your locations, props, costumes, etc. DIRECTORS: make sure you communicate expectations to your group members! Make sure to check in, at some point, with all of them to see what they are bringing to the table on Wednesday. ACTORS: memorize your lines and check with your director for any costuming/makeup/hair requests.

Less Miserables: Finished watching The Producers. Talked about the importance of elevator pitches to writing generally, and tried a few based on this film. New movie (and syllabus) on Friday!

BatCat: Today we continued submissions and organization. We’ll begin shifting gears on Friday. Not everyone has access to documents on Submittable – if you are one of these people, I’ll be going over the process with you on Friday. If you have a laptop or tablet of your own, please bring it to class.

Saturday, Sept. 12 – Beaver County Bookfest
Saturday, Oct. 10 – Editor Speed Dating [TENTATIVE]
Saturday, Oct. 24 – Indie Lit Fest @ Frostburg State University (MD)

Check your calendars. 🙂

Middle School LA Enrichment: Today you did a writing prompt based on the Ray Bradbury short story “The Whole Town’s Sleeping.” I also gave you a copy of the Bradbury short story “The Jar.” We’ll talk about both next Wednesday!

7th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: Today we watched five poets talking about their work and their philosophies of poetry.

Terrance Hayes:

Lucille Clifton (first ten minutes or so; she’s in your book in Chapter 2):

Billy Collins:

W.S. Merwin (first ten minutes or so; he’s also in your book in Chapter 2):

And Mary Oliver (audio only; she’s also in your book in Chapter 2):

You wrote on a notecard one thing you heard today that you agreed with, and one thing you didn’t. We’ll discuss Wednesday (no school Monday for Labor Day).

Also for Wednesday: read Chapters 1 and 3 in Three Genres.

Survey: Fiction: Today we started out with Fiction 9.2.15 – Prompt 1. Then we talked (and took notes) about what fiction is, what are its various forms and genres, and what you’ll be doing in this class.

We read “My Date with Neanderthal Woman” in class. Your homework for next Wednesday (no class on Monday) is to read “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” There will be a quiz.

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