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Wednesday, September 9

September 9, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Ohlund and Kreitzburg. For Monday, annotations (remember what we discussed at the beginning of class today) and comments for Bain, Lepczyk and McClintock. For next Wednesday: Holley and Blackham.

Don’t forget that we want MLA-style headings on these essays — and the other stuff you do in written form! Thanks to Miss Bain and Miss Hamilton for remembering!

Screenwriting Workshop: Today you shot your scenes – seems like everyone did a good job! You’ll have Monday to edit. Please remember your due dates:
Monday, Sept. 14: Olivia, Andi
Wednesday, Sept. 16: Abigail, Faith
Monday, Sept. 21: Rhyan, Abby
Wednesday, Sept. 23: Laura, Anthony
Monday, Sept. 28: Mallory, Emmett
Wednesday, Sept. 30: Haley, Cecilia
Monday, Oct. 5: Kat
Note that these are your dates to post to the blog; your workshop date is the class following your due date.

Less Miserables: Continued watching 1776. We’ll finish Friday and then you will have about 20-30 minutes to come up with your responses, which will include these questions:

  1. What is it that seems to motivate characters in this show to burst into song? (Obviously, there could be more than one answer; you might want to note the times when it really seemed to work for you as an audience member vs. those when it didn’t.)
  2. Give me an elevator pitch (written, though not to exceed 60 seconds if spoken) for this musical.
  3. If I asked you to condense this musical to about half an hour, what characters and songs would you keep, and why?

If you missed any of the film, it is your responsibility to get an electronic version of the movie from me, and finish watching it on your own. If you are absent Friday, you can complete the questions above for homework.

Here’s the rest of the schedule, tentatively:

Week of Sept. 14: watch/respond to Into the Woods.

Week of Sept. 21: watch respond to Singin’ in the Rain/other excerpts

Sept. 28: Work day to finalize your pitches.

Sept. 30/Oct. 2: Pitches.

Oct 5: Vote on pitches/assign groups.

Next week I will (finally) give out the syllabus and a guideline for pitches. Two points:

  1. Plan on a maximum of four minutes to make your pitch. (It doesn’t have to be that long, but you should use the time if you have it.)
  2. I will consider adaptations of existing work, with a couple of conditions (which I’ll discuss next week).

BatCat: Today we went over a whole bunch of stuff!

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry:

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on Walter Mitty and we talked about the story a bit. We went on to discuss image, abstraction, generalization, and judgment. Your homework is Fiction 9.9.15 – Prompt 2, to be written in your notebooks (which will be collected next week).

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