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Wednesday, September 16

September 16, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Lepczyk and Holley. We will start Monday with Blackham — that was due today as well.

For Monday: comments and annotations for Bett and Hamilton. For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Denny and Hill. For Thursday (by 8:45 a.m.): your second-round piece.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Olivia & Andi. Faith and Abigail (Kremm) are for Monday – you picked up hard copies on the way out. If you missed getting them, come see me ASAP. Also note that there aren’t names on the hard copies – you’ll have to compare them to the posts on the blog to figure out which is which.

GOOD JOB TODAY. Please keep it up.

Less Miserables: I gave out the Less Miserables syllabus Fall 2015, finally, and the Less Miserables Guide to Pitching. Please download and read the latter if you were absent — it gives all the relevant details about the pitching process.

We continued watching Into the Woods. I have a digital copy if you missed any of the screening, but you need to see me — with a flash drive — to get it. All 1776 responses should be turned in by Friday, unless I have already made an exception for you.

BatCat: Keep reading submissions – do as much as you can! Seems like today was pretty productive. Good job.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: We finished discussing synecdoche, and then spent some time going over image clusters — sets of related images, which help give cohesion and consistency to a poem. We used the poem “On A Maine Beach,” by Robley Wilson, from Chapter 2 in your textbook, as an example.

There will be a quiz Monday on what we’ve covered from chapters 1, 3 and 4:

The five essential elements of poetry/five don’ts/image/abstraction/tenor/vehicle/figurative language/simile, metaphor and symbol/hyperbole/mixed metaphor/synecdoche/image cluster

Then I gave out this haiku handout — Survey Poetry Haiku introduction September 2015 — which you should read before Friday.

Survey: Fiction: Today we continued talking about “concrete, significant detail” – why it should matter to you and how to approach it. In class we did an example on the board (creature –> a koala named Stephen) and also passed around cards to “narrow down” some broad terms. It was… interesting. In class you also identified three unique details in Prompt 3 and explained what they might suggest or mean. This was written in your notebook as well.

You handed in your notebooks at the end of class. If you were absent, or didn’t give me yours for one reason or another, I need it ASAP. Tomorrow morning would be great, if you’re here. If not, then when you return.

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