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Friday, September 18

September 18, 2015

Songwriting: Today we heard some of the songs you chose for last week’s activity, and why you like them. Check ’em out — maybe you’ll find something new to listen to this weekend!

Your assignment for next Friday is to choose one of the five “lost” Bob Dylan lyrics Mr. Cameron gave out, and identify at least three literary devices in it. (Mark and identify them, please.) Go back to Survey Poetry: could be sound devices, internal/external organizers, stanzas, etc. If you were absent, see me and I’ll give you copies of the lyrics.

Critical Reading: Saussure. Colors. We’re going to continue this discussion next Friday, so please have another look at the reading assignment sometime before then.

For next Friday, please complete the article comparison assignment: Critical Reading 9.11.15 – Article Comparison Assignment. Don’t bother reading the article from The Guardian – it’s the wrong one. Let me know if you have any questions!

Less Miserables: Finished Into the Woods. You need to have the response ready for Monday. Here it is if you need it: Less Miserables Response #2 Into the Woods Sept 18.

We went over the 1776 responses, which were pretty good. Keep them in mind (and my comments, assuming you can read ’em) as you’re writing your Into the Woods response.

BatCat: Submissions! We’re getting there.

Middle School: Today we watched the Twilight Zone pilot “Where Is Everybody”? You wrote about a time when you were (or just felt) alone.

Survey: Combined: Haiku Rodeo 2015. Nuff said.

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