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Wednesday, September 23

September 23, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Hamilton and Hill. We’ll continue Monday with Denny, which was also due today.

Remember: by tomorrow morning (at 8:45), your second-round essay needs to be on the blog. I’ll give out the first two essays tomorrow (Bain and Hamilton) — comments and annotations for those will be due Monday.

Screenwriting Workshop: No workshop today because of the financial aid meeting. That means there are three screenplays for Monday: Rhyan, Anthony, and Laura. We will start up as soon as possible on Monday – plan to keep your comments extremely focused and efficient so that we may do all three without losing quality.

Less Miserables: Finished Singin’ in the Rain. Friday we’ll start our last full-length show, Fiddler on the Roof. You will need to respond to one of those two shows. I’ll give the forms out Friday; they’ll most likely be due next Wednesday.

I went over a sample pitch, with audience questions afterward. If you have any questions before you make your pitch, ask!!

BatCat: Submissions, still.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Gave back quizzes and reviewed them. Reviewed alliteration, assonance, consonance and onomatopoeia and true, slant and eye rhyme.

For Monday, you must write a poem that:

  • is between eight to 12 lines.
  • has at least one strong image
  • has an identifiable tenor and vehicle (that is, you will be able to identify both)
  • has at least one example of alliteration, assonance or consonance (remember: an example = at least three repeated instances of the vowel or consonant sound in question. Like: “Devin will never get over it” has three examples of the repeated “v,” which equals one example of consonance.)
  • has at least one example of true, slant or eye rhyme. (This doesn’t mean the whole poem has to rhyme, though of course, it can. I only want one example, which means one pair of rhyming words.)

Try to use the devices in a way that enhances the meaning or mood of the poem (like “Fern Hill”), rather than just throwing them in because you can.

These poems can be handwritten or typewritten — just have them ready to turn in at the start of class.

Survey: Fiction: Prompt 4 (part B) was due today, and was checked accordingly. Many of you shared your pieces and we talked a bit about the mood or atmosphere each conveyed. Thank you for sharing!

We moved on to talk about Assignment 1 (Fiction 9.23.15 – Assignment 1, Rewrites). This is due next Wednesday; please note the list of expectations.

In your notebooks you added vocabulary, syntax and diction, and we talked a little bit about voice, which is the next big thing that we’re going to be diving into.

Please read A&P by John Updike (pg 765) for Monday. There will be a quiz, as always.

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