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Thursday, September 24

September 24, 2015

Violence: No class today because of guest speaker Matthew Shaffer. For Tuesday, you are to have read the excerpt from Deliverance that I gave you (if you were absent Tuesday, you need to watch the first 20 minutes of the film as well; see me for a copy). You are also to write a one-paragraph response that compares these excerpts to the poetry we’ve read so far and focuses on the role of the “hillbillies” (both in the film clip and in the excerpt). MLA header please!

Radio: No class today due to speaker. Your weekly listening reports are due on Tuesday, as always, and please don’t forget that one of you (Emmett) is assigned to bring in a clip to share!

Siren: Guest speaker Susan Zanke from USA Today explained the LPPACS hub to us. It’s going to be a great opportunity — more on this in the weeks ahead!

Style: Today we talked about BLAST.


For this week, you can do your piece alone or with one partner. Pick something you’re passionate about… it will probably help.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Gave back quizzes and reviewed them. Reviewed alliteration, assonance, consonance and onomatopoeia and true, slant and eye rhyme.

For Monday, you must write a poem that:

  • is between eight to 12 lines.
  • has at least one strong image
  • has an identifiable tenor and vehicle (that is, you will be able to identify both)
  • has at least one example of alliteration, assonance or consonance (remember: an example = at least three repeated instances of the vowel or consonant sound in question. Like: “Devin will never get over it” has three examples of the repeated “v,” which equals one example of consonance.)
  • has at least one example of true, slant or eye rhyme. (This doesn’t mean the whole poem has to rhyme, though of course, it can. I only want one example, which means one pair of rhyming words.)

Try to use the devices in a way that enhances the meaning or mood of the poem (like “Fern Hill”), rather than just throwing them in because you can.

These poems can be handwritten or typewritten — just have them ready to turn in at the start of class.

Survey: Fiction: Prompt 4 (part B) was due today, and was checked accordingly. Many of you shared your pieces and we talked a bit about the mood or atmosphere each conveyed.

We moved on to talk about Assignment 1 (Fiction 9.23.15 – Assignment 1, Rewrites). This is due next Thursday; please note the list of expectations.

In your notebooks you added vocabulary, syntax and diction, and we talked a little bit about voice, which is the next big thing that we’re going to be diving into.

Please read A&P by John Updike (pg 765) for Tuesday. There will be a quiz, as always.

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