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September 25, 2015

Songwriting: We reviewed your homework — nice job! Then we listened to a couple of parodies, including Weird Al’s “Tacky”:

Your parody assignment (due Oct. 23) is to write a complete set of parody lyrics to one of the following songs: Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

or Pharrell’s “Happy.”

You got titles for each parody. You just have to choose one, but you must keep it consistent, syllabically and metrically!

Critical Reading: Today we continued talking about the ideas presented in Saussure. Everyone was here so I’m not going to go into here, lest I get trapped in endless contemplation.

Your homework for next week is research-based – I know I went over this very quickly at the end of class, but it is SUPER important that you do this research in order for our next class to be productive. Here is the assignment sheet: Critical Reading 9.25.15 – Research Assignment O’Connor. Please note that you’re looking for any and all biographical information for Flannery O’Connor, and focusing on social/people issues and dynamics for the second part. If you have any questions or concerns, please do see me sooner rather than later.

Less Miserables: Began Fiddler on the Roof. We’ll continue Monday and finish (probably Wednesday). That means that your third response — to either Singin’ in the Rain or Fiddler — will be due at the end of class Wednesday (if we have time to work on it in class) or, if we don’t, at the beginning of class next Friday. Here it is if you need it: Less Miserables Response #3-4 Singin in the Rain and Fiddler on the Roof Sept 25

The schedule remains the same:

Monday, Sept. 28: Fiddler

Wednesday, Sept. 30: Finish Fiddler; look at some excerpts from other musicals

Friday, Oct. 2: Excerpts/terminology

Monday, Oct. 5: Work on pitches in class

Wednesday, Oct. 7: Pitch day #1

Friday, Oct. 9: Pitch day #2

Monday, Oct. 12: Voting on pitches. You must be present to vote.

Wednesday, Oct. 14: Results announced. Groups announced. The journey begins…

BatCat: Please check out Submittable for any updates – I’ll be removing any submissions that were knocked out today. There are still quite a few that need more readers; I will mark them clearly.

UPDATE: I have adjusted labels to the point that I could. I ALSO would like to mention that I can see, specifically, how many submissions each of you have actually read and voted on. A couple of you have pretty much done all of them – thank you. Most of you are hovering around 10 – 15, and that’s out of (currently) 46 of the files remaining in the queue. Some of you have only read a few of the remaining submissions. I realize that those of you with low numbers probably read a lot of the ones that have been eliminated – and that’s great. But now’s a good time to start focusing in on greater coverage since pretty much everything on the list has a positive ranking. I’ll check in on Monday to see where we’re at.

Middle School: Today we made story beginnings from our “in medias res” openings — you picked an opening that someone else wrote, and tried to start a story from it.

Then we put together a “practical spelling list” of words you have trouble spelling, and/or think a seventh-grader should be able to spell. Here it is: Practical spelling list 7th grade Sept 2015

On Monday we’ll have a spelling bee with these words. The winner and runner-up get valuable prizes. Then we’ll watch a Twilight Zone episode in the second half of class.

On Friday, we’ll start with a quiz on 20 of these words. If the average score is 16 or higher, we’ll watch another episode in the second half of class.

Survey: Combined: Submissions! Here are the guidelines we passed out, if you need an extra copy. SUBMISSION INFO 2015-16

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