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Monday, September 28

September 28, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Denny (completing Round One) and then, due to poor time management on my part, we only got about halfway through Bain. Bring back your copies of her essay — we’ll pick that up Wednesday.

I’m giving out the new packets tomorrow — for Wednesday, comments and annotations for Kreitzburg and Hill.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Rhyan and Laura. We’re holding Anthony over to Wednesday, and adding Mallory and Emmett. Please have all three ready to go – maybe we’ll get through them all.

Mass Marketing:

Less Miserables: Continued Fiddler. We’ll finish Wednesday. Response #3 due on Friday.

BatCat: Submissions. I will continue to update the labels.

UPDATE: I have removed a few more submissions. We are *almost* to the point of having 6 or more on every submission, but not there yet – let’s try to get it done. Once they are all at that level, we can sit down and actually start to talk about some of these. Would love to start that process on Wednesday, if possible. If not, then Friday.

Middle School Lit Arts: Today we took a quiz on the first section of Tom Gordon and talked about the “two-problem formula.” Then I handed back your mystical object stories and explained proofreading. We spent a few minutes reviewing past vs. present tense.

For Wednesday: bring back your ghost story materials (notecards + the opening, if you’ve started it).

For Monday: read the next section of Tom Gordon (pages 42 to 87).

Middle School: Spelling bee. Quiz Friday. Watched The After Hours.

Survey: Poetry: Today we heard a few of your poems — nice job, everyone!

We talked about enjambment vs. end-stopping, as well as line breaks. Remember: end-stopping emphasizes rhyme (and meter); enjambment mutes rhyme (and meter).

For Wednesday: another quiz. This one will be similar to the first quiz (material from Chapters 1, 3 and 4), plus the material from Chapter 5 (the four non-rhyming sound devices, three types of rhyme, enjambment and end-stopping). I’ll take the highest of the two grades; if you get As on both, I’ll award a couple of points of extra credit.

Survey: Fiction: Today opened with a quiz and discussion of A&P. Then we tried to visualize Sammy’s voice, and finished with analyzing a section of the text (Fiction 9.28.15 – Analyzing Voice A&P).

Assignment 1, which was given out last week, is due (printed) at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

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