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Monday, October 5

October 5, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Kreitzburg and Hill. Collected annotations for Ohlund and Bett. We’ll do those two Wednesday.

For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Blackham and Denny.

Screenwriting Workshop: The requirements for Round 2 & Round 3 can be found here: Screenwriting 10.5.15 – Round 2 & 3 guidelines. Those of you who were absent today will need to see me to get a scenario. If you have any questions, please ask them sooner rather than later.

Please prepare Cecilia and Kat’s screenplays for Wednesday. Abby’s piece will be held over to Monday. For your planning purposes, also know that once we are done with Abby’s piece on Monday, the rest of the time will be yours to work on your Round 2 piece, and you will have most of class on Wednesday to do the same (we will do an activity at the beginning of class, but it will mostly be free). Small group workshops will take place the following week.

Less Miserables: Work day. Here’s the pitch lineup for Wednesday and Friday:


  1. Kreitzburg

2. Kremm

3. Swogger

(Those three in that order, and then, not necessarily in this order…)










The final three of the day are:




(Which means any or all might get bumped to Friday.)

Friday (Not necessarily in this order; we’ll set the order Wednesday):










Good luck!! And make sure your pitch is printed before you get to class!

BatCat: Think about everything that was discussed today. Go back and look at the submissions. Look at the books we’ve already published. Perhaps on Wednesday we will reach a conclusion.

Also check your schedules, as we’ve been accepted to both I Made It! (Friday, Nov. 27 and Saturday, Nov. 28) and Handmade Arcade (Saturday, Dec. 5). I realize that the I Made It! dates are tough since this is Thanksgiving break (and that’s ok) – it would be great if a person or two could at least stop by, but it’s not 100% necessary. Handmade Arcade, however, is all hands on deck – please check your calendars and make every effort to help out!

Middle School Lit Arts: Quiz on the second section of Tom Gordon. We made lists of what three items you’d want with you if you got lost in the woods. We’ll come back to these next week.

Remember: Wednesday you will finish your first drafts of your ghost story and give them to Mr. Cageao. For Monday, I want you to BE SURE you have read “Young Goodman Brown,” as well as the new story I’m going to give you, as well as the next excerpt from the book (just to the end of the next chapter — it’s a short one).

Middle School: Makeup spelling quiz. Then we reviewed “in medias res” and you tried to write exciting story starters about being alone (either physically or mentally, as in the three Twilight Zone episodes we watched). I used the example of how we watch a fight and get interested immediately, without knowing who’s fighting or why, and I told you to give me story-starters with action, blood and snot. Some of you did!

Then in the second half of class, we tried using these story starters to tell new stories, one sentence at a time. There were a lot of appearances by Donald Trump and John Cena, and if the stories made sense, it was mostly accidental — but hopefully it was fun, at least!

Survey: Poetry: Reviewed the last quiz, and your scansion homework (if you did it). Then we went outside and I gave you a chance to finish Wednesday’s homework, a longer scansion exercise. It will be due Wednesday if you didn’t give it to me already.

Survey: Fiction: Quiz on Granny Weatherall, followed by a brief discussion. In your notes you added “stream of consciousness” as well as narrator types (central and peripheral in 1st person, omniscient, limited omniscient, and objective in 3rd person). In class we completed Prompt #6: Fiction 10.5.15 – Prompt #6, scene with POV. If you were absent, please complete this prompt before notebooks are collected. Here is the corresponding clip:

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