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Tuesday, October 6

October 6, 2015

Violence: Quiz #1. If you missed it, you’ll make it up Thursday.

Radio: Today was pretty significantly interrupted by the senior meeting. And the men’s choir, but that’s beside the point. You reported your weekly listening and then we just started to get to talk about the Kitchen Sisters essay. We’ll continue this conversation on Thursday, and will also be talking about the comic. Please make sure that you read. There might be a quiz – I’m not 100% sure that everyone is on board.

Siren: New folks worked on the Fog Index. Old folks worked on their pieces, both of which are due by Friday.

Everyone was given a copy of a story about the deal the Chester Upland School District is trying to reach with its charter schools. You need to follow developments in this story — and there will be more — because it’s news that could directly affect us. You need to know what’s going on so that if you’re called on to write about this, you don’t to learn everything all at once.

Style: You handed in your Kerouac pieces and the material for this week is the sitcom Frasier. Here the pilot script: Style – Frasier Script, The Good Son S1E1. We watched this episode in class. The show is available to stream on Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and some episodes can also be found on Youtube, if you wish to do additional “reading.”

Notes are due on Thursday.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Reviewed the last quiz, and your scansion homework (if you did it). Then we went outside and I gave you a chance to finish Thursday’s homework, a longer scansion exercise. It will be due Thursday if you didn’t give it to me already.

Survey: Fiction: Quiz on Granny Weatherall, followed by a brief discussion. In your notes you added “stream of consciousness” as well as narrator types (omniscient, limited omniscient, and objective in 3rd person – we’ll get to 1st person next time). In class we completed Prompt #6: Fiction 10.5.15 – Prompt #6, scene with POV. If you were absent, please complete this prompt before notebooks are collected. Here is the corresponding clip:

Please note also that Prompt #5 will be checked (for completion) on Thursday, so if you didn’t finish or don’t have it, now’s the time.

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