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Wednesday, October 7

October 7, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: workshopped Bett and Ohlund. Turned in comments and annotations for Blackham and Denny, which we’ll workshop Monday.

Comments and annotations due Monday for Lepczyk, Holley and McClintock.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Cecilia and Kat. Abby is for Monday.

Less Miserables: Pitches, Round One. Good job to everyone who pitched!

Time is gonna be super-tight on Friday. Therefore, while the four-minutes-per-pitch rule still holds, we can only allot two minutes for Q&A afterward. That means no comments and no suggestions: only questions.

Even then, we’re still going to run a few minutes over. Passes will be made available for those who are a few minutes late to third block.

On Friday afternoon, I will be posting a link here on the blog that will allow you to download 1) scanned copies of all the pitches and 2) audio/video files of the pitches. If you missed today or miss Friday, you need to check out what you missed. If you just want to review it all, that’s fine as well.

BatCat: More talk. Will continue.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Gave back your first poems. Reviewed your scansion homework. We made some sick beats and found Waldo’s teeth.

Your homework for Monday: Write an 8- to 12-line poem, any subject. Rhyme optional.

Besides the obvious need for at least one strong image and an identifiable tenor, you must also write the complete poem in either:

iambic pentameter

trochaic pentameter

iambic tetrameter, or

trochaic pentameter.

Please scan it for me, and identify the foot and metrical line length!

Survey: Fiction: Today we started by reviewing the narrator types from the end of Monday’s class, then went on to do two partnered activities in class: Fiction 10.7.15 – In Class, Narrator Identification and Fiction 10.7.15 – In Class, POV Analysis with partner. You added “point of view” to you notes and we started breaking it down.

Homework for Monday: Read A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner on pg. 262. There will be a quiz.

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