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Monday, October 19

October 19, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Holley (finishing Round Two) and Kreitzburg (beginning Round Three). Collected annotations for Kreitzburg and Lepczyk, which we’ll begin with Wednesday,

Gave out a new (small) packet of third-round stuff: Bain and McClintock. Those two (comments and annotations) are due Wednesday.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was the first day of small workshops for Round 2. Seems like everyone got a good start. You also have Wednesday to continue to consult with one another.

Less Miserables: Worked on repitches. These will happen Wednesday. Remember: everyone in the group has to be ready to pitch!

BatCat: Lots of stuff. Will continue.

Middle School Lit Arts: Took our usual reading quiz. I gave back the ghost story first drafts with comments. We talked about storytelling modes — dialogue, action, thought and exposition — and why exposition is a good thing to limit, at least in big chunks.

For Wednesday: please bring back your ghost story first drafts. You’ll need them.

For Monday: read “Sixth Inning” in Tom Gordon.

Middle School: Filled out getting to know you cards. Started writing five good things and five bad things about your old school.

Survey: Poetry: You wrote poems on assigned topics, in assigned foot/meter patterns (well, you sort of chose those).

Survey: Fiction: Prompt #7 was checked for completion.

Today we talked a bit about the upcoming midterm (scheduled for Monday, Nov. 5 – this will be the date for BOTH classes), then we started working on a character sketch. Here are the handouts:
Fiction 10.19.15 – Character Dossier Info Sheet
Fiction 10.19.15 – Character Dossier Interrogation Sheet
I also handed out the “Toolbox” section from Stephen King’s On Writing. You can read it now, if you want, or wait till it’s officially assigned. Either way, it’s good information and we will be talking about it at later date.

Please note that the interrogation is NOT homework (yet, anyway). You’ll have more time to work on it on Wednesday.

Homework for Wednesday: Read The Yellow Wallpaper on pg. 302. There will be a quiz, as usual. Also, notebooks will be collected at the end of class on Wednesday, so please make sure that you have all of the notes and prompts completed!!

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