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Tuesday, October 20

October 20, 2015

Violence: A discussion of the four most violent acts in LotF: The sow hunt and its aftermath; Simon’s death; Piggy’s death; and the hunt for Ralph. We classified each act on our continum.

Then we discussed the four “image chains” that dominate the book: images of light and darkness; images of dirt and excrement; images of animalism; and images of heights and falling.

Your homework for Thursday is to find one image from each chain in the book and write it down. If you need a copy of the book to do this, ask.

Radio: Weekly listening reports were followed by a discussion of logging interviews. You have some options:

– Type what you hear, but don’t bother with punctuation, caps, etc. – just focus on capturing as many words as you can. Reduce the playback speed. Pros: you can search your resulting log for keywords and can use the log to help “write” your script in detail. You can also share this log with others and it will make sense. Cons: it’s time consuming.
– Listen and summarize, noting time codes. Pros: this method can be fast – you can even speed up the playback. Cons: it’s not as searchable. It also might be difficult for some to summarize on the spot, and isn’t as transferable – your summaries might not make sense to someone else. This is a good method if you’re a “big picture” kind of person.

You must turn in your logs with your finished project next week. It doesn’t matter which method you choose to use – you just have to do it.

Siren: Discussed our USA Today/Stop the Music marketing plan. That took precedence over the AP style stiff, which is now probably pushed back till next week.

One thing to remember: rarely does the first person have a place in journalism, beyond op-ed pieces. (And sometimes not even then.) So avoid it when possible, even in reviews.

Style: You shared and handed in your Stein-based pieces. This week: Roald Dahl’s short stories. Kind of in honor of Halloween. Read and take notes for Thursday (please read all three stories… thanks).

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Today you wrote a short poem in an assigned foot and metrical line length. Hooray! You’re ready for a quiz Thursday. Know all four feet and all three meters we discussed, plus five ways to mute meter. Study pages 89-93 for a refresher.

Survey: Fiction: Prompt #7 was checked for completion.

Today we talked a bit about the upcoming midterm (scheduled for Monday, Nov. 5 – this will be the date for BOTH classes), then we started working on a character sketch. Here are the handouts:
Fiction 10.19.15 – Character Dossier Info Sheet
Fiction 10.19.15 – Character Dossier Interrogation Sheet
I also handed out the “Toolbox” section from Stephen King’s On Writing. You can read it now, if you want, or wait till it’s officially assigned. Either way, it’s good information and we will be talking about it at later date.

Please note that the interrogation is NOT homework (yet, anyway). You’ll have more time to work on it on Thursday.

Homework for Thursday: Read The Yellow Wallpaper on pg. 302. There will be a quiz, as usual. Also, notebooks will be collected at the end of class on Thursday, so please make sure that you have all of the notes and prompts completed!!

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