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Wednesday, October 21

October 21, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Lepczyk and Bain. New packets will go out tomorrow with the rest of the 3rd round essays.

Screenwriting Workshop: Work day. We also went over the schedule for the rest of the semester. You should all have a copy of the schedule, with calendars. Please don’t lose these, as we may have to make adjustments along the way, depending on what happens.

ALL Round 2 revised screenplays are due by 8 a.m. on Wednesday, October 28.

Due dates for Round 3 are the following:
Wednesday, Nov. 18 – Kat, Andi
Wednesday, Dec. 2 – Abby, Laura, Abigail
Wednesday, Dec. 9 – Faith, Emmett, Haley
Wednesday, Dec. 16 – Mallory, Olivia, Rhyan, Anthony, Cecilia

Less Miserables: Re-pitches. We rewatched 21 Chump Street and logged the times of important developments, as well as discussing the critical role if the narrator.

BatCat: Buttons and books.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Played musical metrical chairs. Reviewed five ways to mute meter. Quiz Monday – study pages 89-93 for the relevant info.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on The Yellow Wallpaper. Due to low readership, we will be discussing and using the story in-class on Monday. If you did not read for today, please do so for our next class. We did an in-class prompt (character conversation) instead (if you were absent, you do NOT have to make this up).

You handed in your notebooks. If you did not, for whatever reason, sooner is better than later. If you were absent, I expect these to be handed in upon your return. Here’s the sheet: Fiction 10.21.15 – Notebook Check #2.

Remember, you are responsible for yourselves. If you are absent, check the box. Do the work. Read this blog. Read the stories. If you’re not doing these things, it’s time to get on board.

Assignment #2 (flash fiction) is due, printed, on Monday. Character interrogations are on-going – if you haven’t finished yet, it’s fine, but keep working on them.

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