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Friday, Oct. 23

October 25, 2015

CNF Workshop: For Monday: Blackham and McClintock.

Songwriting: You turned in your parodies and we ran through a couple. Then we heard some songs by Laura Nyro, one of the first significant female singer-songwriters, and an artist whose biggest successes came via other artists’ covers of her songs. Here are a few songs we heard. “Eli’s Coming,” from 1968…

…later covered by Three Dog Night, who had a Top 10 hit with it in 1969:

Then we heard “And When I Die”…

…which Blood, Sweat and Tears took into the charts:

And then “Stoned Soul Picnic”…

…covered by The Fifth Dimension

Those of you interested in music, or writing about music, would do well to look up more of her stuff. Along with Carole King and Joni Mitchell, she paved the way for lots of successful female singer-songwriters who followed.

Critical Reading: Today we continued talking about Foucault. We still didn’t finish the conversation, so keep it all in mind – next Friday, we’ll go over the list of 6 in the second half of the reading, then we’ll move on with our lives. Kinda.

In addition to this, your O’Connor Filters assignments were collected. There is no formal homework for next week, BUT the next big thing we’ll be doing involves the film Rear Window (Hitchcock). I STRONGLY urge you to watch the film as many times as you can in advance of this upcoming discussion and assignment. There is a digital copy floating around (see Dimitri) and I have a DVD that you may borrow (for one night only!!).

Less Miserables: You worked in groups. I want to see a draft of a first scene and a first song next Wednesday. Remember: a first scene/song needs to really capture the essence of what your show’s about: “Sit Down, John.” “Tradition.” “What the Heck I Gotta Do?”

BatCat: Frostburg tomorrow!

Middle School: Heard your old-school issues and started talking about haiku.

Survey: Combined: In honor of the season, Frankenstein stories.

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