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Monday, October 26

October 26, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: McClintock and Blackham. For Wednesday: Bett and Denny.

Upcoming deadlines: Fourth round essay due on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 5

Fifth-round essay due on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24 (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving — tentative)

Screenwriting Workshop: Today was a workday, as advertised. Your revised Round 2 pieces are due by 8 AM on Wednesday. Wednesday will also be a workday. Remember that you are expected to use this time to work on material for this class.

Less Miserables: You worked in groups on your first scenes/songs. At the start of class Wednesday, I need a (typewritten) copy of each doument from each group.

If it’s a scene, please make sure it’s in SAF. Get the guidelines here.

If it’s lyrics, there’s no special format (yet), but please give me as much information about the song as possible, as you envision it. Tell me what genre it is, what song it sounds like/scans like (e.g. “This song is written to the rhythmic pattern of ‘The Macarena'”), or at the very least, whether it’s fast/slow/midtempo. Also please tell me who’s singing which lines.

BatCat Press:

Middle School Lit Arts: Today we discussed “The Monkey’s Paw” and the concept of wish-fulfillment stories. These go back to the very beginning of storytelling, and they’re constantly adapted. We saw one such adaptation today: the Twilight Zone episode “The Man in the Bottle.” (Here’s an excerpt from another, very old wish-fulfillment story, adapted by Richard Scarry.)

Revisions of your ghost stories are due Wednesday — typewritten, please. Reading assignment for Monday: pp. 177-220 in Tom Gordon (“Top of the Seventh”/”Seventh Inning Stretch”)

Middle School: Writing (and sharing) old-school haiku. Friday: no class because of the Harvest Dance Block 3.

Survey: Poetry: Scansion quiz. Then we went over this handout about sonnets and the rhyme royal. We wrote lines in iambic pentameter. On Wednesday, you’ll choose your favorite and then use it as the first line of:

  • A sonnet. That means 14 lines of iambic pentameter, in either the Italian or English form (8/6 or 4/4/4/2), but it doesn’t have to rhyme.
  • A rhyme royal. That means seven lines of iambic pentameter, and it MUST follow the rhyme scheme: ababbcc.

You’ll write this in class on Wednesday, so please come ready to work.

Survey: Fiction: Today you handed in Assignment #2. If you did not, for whatever reason, please get it to me ASAP.

Your notebooks were handed back to you, as well as a variety of graded quizzes. Then we went on to finally discuss The Yellow Wallpaper. You broke into groups to discuss a certain aspect of the story. We did not have time to share but will do so at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

Wednesday is a review day for the midterm exam, which will be held next Monday, Nov. 2. There will be extra credit or some other kind of thing at stake, so if you want to study for the review… do!

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