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Wednesday, October 28

October 28, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Holley and Bett. For Monday: comments and annotations for the last three essays of the round: Hill, Ohlund and Hamilton (make sure you respond to the updated version on the blog, if you haven’t responded yet).

Remember: essay #4 is due on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Thursday. (Earlier is definitely better.)

Also: today several people seemed to be having technology issues. Fairly simple solution: DON’T write a comment directly onto the blog. Use a word processing program and then cut-and-paste. Seriously.

Screenwriting Workshop: Screenplays for the official Round 2 were handed out today. Here’s the schedule:

Monday, Nov. 2: Rhyan, Abigail, Anthony
Wednesday, Nov. 4: Faith, Haley, Andi
Monday, Nov. 9: Laura, Mallory, Kat, Emmett
Monday, Nov. 16: Olivia, Cecilia, Abby

A few reminders:
– There will apparently be a lot of absences in the coming weeks. If you are absent, you still need to hand in your annotations (to me, to be checked) for full credit. You also, obviously, need to have your online comments posted in a timely fashion.
– Since there will be some days when we are down a person or two (or three), it’s super important that if you can be here, you are here. Due to our very ambitious schedule, we cannot afford to skip any days due to low attendance.
– Please stay aware of your due dates for Round 3 – time is flying by! Remember that the minimum page count for this round is 20 pages.

Less Miserables: Worked in groups on your musicals. You turned in your first scenes/sets of lyrics for the first songs. I like what I see so far!

BatCat: Books!

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Wrote sonnets or rhyme royals in class.

Survey: Fiction: Today you shared your talking points on The Yellow Wallpaper, and then we played(?) a review game(?). We did a thing. It involved answering a lot of questions, fast. I’ll post all of these questions and their corresponding answers after tomorrow’s class so that you can use them to study, if you wish.

The test is on Monday.

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