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Friday, October 30

October 30, 2015

Songwriting/Pulp: Our first pulp. meeting: we talked about outreach, Submittable, and theme.

Critical Reading: I handed back your filters assignment and we talked about it a little bit. Then we had a great discussion about Foucault! Here’s a picture of the board:
And a picture of the best class ever. 😉

Less Miserables: We watched the beginning of Kiss Me Kate (1953), in which the great songwriter Cole Porter (played by Ron Randell) has to mediate between two feuding stars, Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi, who are also ex-husband and wife, and who are also are supposed to play Petruchio and Katherine in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

I showed you this clip because immediately after the first song (“So In Love,” which gives us the dramatic question: will Fred and Lilli get back together?), we introduce another problem: the dancer and singer Lois Lane, who is clearly, er, familiar with Fred, and who has come to audition for the role of Bianca — Katherine’s younger sister. She sings the second song, “Too Darn Hot,” which almost drives off a very jealous Lilli. (But not quite.)

The point here is that you can’t lose the energy and momentum of the opening number. This musical solves that problem by compressing the timeframe, and introducing another character, and another complication, directly afterward. Think about that as you write you second scenes/second songs, which will be due Wednesday.

BatCat: The usual.

Middle School: Harvest Dance.

Survey: Combined: Dance, no class. BUT here’s the fiction midterm review game questions and answers: Fiction 10.28.15 – Midterm Review Questions WITH ANSWERS. I am also posting a list of just the terms and stories you should be familiar with: Fiction 10.30.15 – Midterm Review List.

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