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Thursday, November 12

November 12, 2015

Violence: Today we watched the 1943 film adaptation of The Ox-Bow Incident. (It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.) I gave out these guidelines for your final paper, which is due Tuesday, Nov. 24: The Ox-Bow Incident 2015

There are three categories I want to see you address in this paper, via appropriate comparisons to at least three works we have covered this semester:

  1. Violence on our continuum. There are several violent incidents in this film, including (but not limited to) the opening fight between Gil Carter and Jeff Farnley; Major Tetley striking his son Gerald; the lynching of the three accused cattle rustlers; and the Major’s suicide. How would you classify each of these? Sensation (is the violence graphic? does it set a mood or tone?), revelation (do we learn something about a person, place or situation?), culmination (is this violence foreshadowed or anticipated? is there some buildup to it?), and regeneration (does this violence create something new? Remember: this is the rarest type.)
  2. Scapegoating. Who is/are the scapegoats in this film? Why and how are they chosen? Remember our four reasons for scapegoating.
  3. Crowd behavior. Why does this mob behave the way it does? Are different people examples of different theories (contagion, convergence, emergent norm)? Is this an example of groupthink, and why?

This paper must be in MLA format. I will hand out a list of citations for you to use, since we have no official textbook for this class. If you need more information on MLA format, look here.

Radio: Today was basically a work day (your graded Project #3 was handed back). The due date for Project #4 has been moved to Tuesday, November 24.

Siren: Rehearsal #2 for LAVA. December story assignments. That copy will be due either right before or right after Thanksgiving — we’ll decide Tuesday.

Also: I keep forgetting about the newspaper assignment from a couple of weeks ago, as in, which newspaper are you going to follow. Please have the name of your newspaper on Tuesday.

Style: Today we discussed DFW and his essays. Here’s the board:

This one might be a little tricky when it comes to writing your own piece. I’d love for you all to work on something that could be used for workshop/submissions/readings in the future, so my suggestion is to use DFW’s sense of organization (footnotes, asides, headings, simultaneously academic and casual) and choose an overarching technique:
– In the first essay, he writes about a personal/1st person experience tied to a larger event. You could do the same.
– In the second essay, he researches and expounds upon a topic that he really doesn’t have any personal connection to (lobsters). You could do the same.
– In the third essay, he discusses something he’s confused/passionate/exasperated about concerning a topic in which he is very familiar and well-versed (Kafka). You could do the same.
Pick one. The other option, of course, is to mimic his voice, but this may not prove to be as fruitful in the long run.

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry: Quiz on formal poetry. We reviewed guidelines for the notecard final project — Guidelines for final poetry project 2015 — which will be due Dec. 10. You need to have picked a poet from the Norton anthologies by Nov. 24.

Don’t forget your final formal poem is due next Thursday, Nov. 19. Here are the guidelines: Survey Poetry final formal poetry guidelines Nov 2015

For Tuesday: please read Chapter 8 in your book, and be sure to bring the Terrance Hayes and Sir John Betjeman packets with you to class.

Survey: Fiction: Today I handed back your midterms and we went over them briefly. In generally, good grades. You are where you ought to be.

Then we broke into groups and you started working on a visual aid for your assigned section. If you were absent, you’ll jump in on Tuesday.

HOMEWORK: Read Paul’s Case by Willa Cather from the Norton Anthology (page 86). It’s on the longer side, so make sure to give yourself enough time. There will be a quiz, as usual.

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