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Friday, November 13

November 13, 2015

Songwriting: Began talking about Christmas songs. You’re going to write one. I suggested you start thinking about an angle that would make your song unique (like, say, the Christmas coatrack).

Critical Reading: Today I handed out all of the remaining reading assignments for the semester (save anything that we might have time for in January). Please have the following packets read for the following dates:
Friday, November 20: The Geographical Review article (about panopticons)
Friday, December 4: “What is an Author?” by Foucault
Friday, December 11: Derrida’s biography, “On Grammatology,” and the separate handout on poststructuralism/deconstruction
Friday, December 18: “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution” by Butler

For EACH of these reading assignments, you are required to annotate as you read. These will be checked for credit and do note that this is NOT extra credit – it’s a regular assignment.

Today I also collected your ads assignment and some of you shared.

Less Miserables: Worked on Scene/Song Four. Filled out groups assessments and self-assessments.

BatCat: If you can do stuff outside of class, do it! 🙂

Middle School: Made a list of “practical” spelling words. Spelling bee Monday; quiz on Friday.

Began writing a one-minute autobiography. We’ll come back to these soon.

Survey: Poetry (M/W): Read some John Betjeman poems to practice asssessing foot/meter, and its effect on the message of a poem.

Reviewed for formal poetry quiz Monday.

Survey: Fiction (M/W): Today we went over the midterm exam, then your broke into groups to talk about a particular section of Toolbox. The only homework for Monday is to read Paul’s Case from the Norton Anthology, pg. 86. There will be a quiz, as usual.

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