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Wednesday, November 18

November 18, 2015

Radio: Work day. Hope you used it well.

Violence: Work day because of Poetry Out Loud. Ox-Bow papers due Tues., Nov. 24.

Less Miserables: Met with groups to play some songs. Kept working on Scene/song 4.

BatCat: Please see me to pick up an info sheet for the upcoming events. We are NOT staying after school tomorrow (Thursday), so don’t plan on it. And, as usual, if you can do something on your own outside of class, please do. 🙂

Middle School: Prompt: times you followed/observed trends. Please read Chapter 2 for Monday.

Survey: Poetry: Gave you time to choose your poet for the notecard final. I will want those names Monday.

Also Monday: your final formal poems are due.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quiz on Hills Like White Elephants, and then we talked about the story a bit. The rest of class was a work time due to a lot of absences.

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