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Friday, November 20

November 20, 2015

Pulp: Saw some spreads. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful comments!

Songwriting: N/A

Critical Reading: Talked about the Geographical Review article. Please read Foucault’s “What is an Author?” for Friday after Thanksgiving break.

Less Miserables: Met with three of the four groups and cold-read from the book(s). I will have notes for everyone after the break.

Monday we will spend cleaning up the scripts to date. I’ll want a fresh version by the end of the block.


Middle School: Spelling quiz. You got an average score of 17 — congrats! We watched Living Doll. Requizzes Monday for everyone who got 17 or less.

Survey: Combined: Spelling bee! It only took 14 words to eliminate (almost) everyone. Congrats to Miss Apel!

Because we only covered so few words, I assigned everyone three words from that list of 14 — three words you KNOW you should spell correctly. These three words will be your “spirit words.” (Yechhh.) They may come back to you on the Poetry final for extra credit — or even before. Know ’em!

  1. argument
  2. received
  3. misspelled
  4. unnecessary
  5. occurrence
  6. appearance
  7. prejudice
  8. manageable
  9. correspondence
  10. accommodate
  11. rhythm
  12. equipped
  13. ridiculous
  14. privilege
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