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Monday, Dec. 7

December 7, 2015

CNF Workshop: Today: Hamilton, which finished Round Four.

I gave out the Round Five packets. Comments and annotations for the first three essays (which means the LAST three essays in the packet: Bain, Hill, Hamilton) are due Wednesday, Dec. 9.

We are going to do three essays per class for Round Five, so figure on me setting the clock for 20 minutes each and following that schedule. I will also not be contributing during this round, beyond, perhaps, a comment at the end, time permitting. I think we have assimilated the new folks into our workshop successfully, and you guys are ready to take over. That means there is a vacuum to be filled — I’ve talked some fair amount on certain days — so I expect everyone (and I do mean everyone) to pitch in to fill the gap.

Translation: there should not be any days during the remainder of the semester in which you do not contribute verbally.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Abby. Laura’s screenplay was handed out for Wednesday; since you have very little time to get through this, I’ll be easy on the grading when it comes to annotations and online comments (you do still need to DO them, however). Above all else, please make sure to read the entire screenplay so that we can at least talk about it in a competent way. Thanks in advance.

Less Miserables: I gave out the formatting guide. Less Miserables Musical Formatting Guide Fall 2015 I expect you to be familiar enough with the basics of song lyric formatting (Example #1 from the handout) and SAF to take a quiz on it on Friday.

BatCat: Talked about the pop up shop, talked about how the events went. Please write some haiku lines for Wednesday.

Middle School Lit Arts: I met with a couple more folks about their ghost stories; if I didn’t meet with you, I will on Dec. 15.

We took a quiz on Chapter 3 — the “stickiness” factor — and watched a little bit of the Sesame Street “Roy” episode to understand the problems with its stickiness:

For Dec. 14, please read Chapter 4: “The Power of Context (Part One).”

Middle School: You described your best Christmas/holiday present ever without naming it, and then we guessed what was what. Winners announced Friday. On Friday — which will be our last class together — we’ll do some argumentative debating/writing on the topic “Is it better to break your best Christmas/holiday present right after you get it, or is it better to have never gotten one at all?”

Survey: Poetry:

Today we talked about some review terms (from Fiction): tone, persona, denotation/connotation, diction and syntax. Remember that (roughly speaking) vocabulary + syntax = diction; that persona is present in virtually every poem; and that a poet has to be aware of connotation, as well as denotation — the wrong connotation can sabotage the tone of a poem, but being aware of “double meanings” (or even “triple meanings”) of a word can also provide an extra layer of meaning to a poem.

Then I assigned you a new poem for Friday. You picked “theme slips” out of the Hopes and Dreams jar, and are to write a free verse poem of any length that includes:

  1. At least one external organizer from Chapter 8
  2. At least two internal organizers from Chapter 9
  3. A persona, if you choose

Survey: Fiction: Today you got a few notes for your notebooks (story and plot) and then you spent the rest of the class attempting to reorganize the events in A Rose for Emily into chronological order. It was not easy! We will be talking about this on Wednesday.

No new homework, but Assignment #3 is due on Wednesday, printed at the beginning of class.


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