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Thursday, December 17

December 17, 2015


Radio: Today we went over how to script your final shows – I recommend using Celtx’s “Audio” template. Within your group you can decide upon the finer conventions that you will use – make sure that you all know what you’re doing, though, to avoid a mess on the other side. Note that any inserted sound (audio from interviews, for example) can be copy and pasted from the logs (it can be rough) but your actual narration should be clean.

The second half of class: you read essays and shared the major points with the other group.

Tuesday will be a work day. Please keep all of your materials in your folders.


Style: Today we took notes on the poem. Here’s the board:


Here is Twas the Night with the intro: Twas the Night Before Christmas, if you might want to do an intro. This one is pretty crazy and it might be fun to use an intro in a subversive way.

Your poems are due on Tuesday, as always. Please do use the correct meter and rhyme!

Middle School:

Survey: Poetry:

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a few notes on the “conflict-crisis-resolution” story model and then we talked about Kemper’s short story that you were to read for today.

You did an in-class assignment: Fiction 12.14.15 – ICA, Single Sentence Story. If you were absent, you are expected to complete this assignment (don’t stress over it too much – give yourself 40 minutes to write and finish it within that time; this is what happened in class).

Please remember to bring an object for Show and Tell on Monday! Survey 12.21.15 – Show and Tell.

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