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Friday, January 8

January 8, 2016

Songwriting: Give me those Christmas songs (three verses + chorus) Monday. Typewritten sure would be swell.

Critical Reading: Today I met with you all individually to discuss your paper outlines. It seems like all of you are in a good place – glad to see that everyone was prepared! Those of you that were absent: please come to see me during 3rd block on Monday or Tuesday to discuss. If I don’t see your outline and meet with you, this will have a negative effect on your grade.

The optional rough draft is due on Wednesday.

In class I handed out this packet, which may be helpful if you find yourself stuck: Critical Reading 1.8.15 – Paper Improv guide

Final papers are due Tuesday, Jan. 19. Please remember that any late papers will be held strictly to the official grade reduction policy (20% off per day late – day being 24 hours, not class meeting!).

Less Miserables: Worked in groups. Final drafts due by the end of class Monday.

BatCat: Continued to work on respective tasks.

Middle School: Worked on Princess Diaries papers for Mr. Cageao.

Survey: Poetry: Final exam. If you didn’t turn in your sonnet for the competition, you can do so Monday. Remember that it needs to be typewritten.

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