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Monday, January 12

January 12, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: revisions for Bain, Hamilton and Kreitzburg were workshopped. For Wednesday, I gave out another set of before-and-after essays. Please skip Miss McClintock’s essay, and instead, write comments for Ohlund, Blackham and Bett.

If you were absent Monday and did not get the packet, then I will allow you to write your comments in the little room while we are workshopping tomorrow, with no penalty.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Rhyan and began to discuss Cecilia’s as well. We will continue with Cecilia’s on Wednesday, and we will also workshop Anthony on Wednesday. This will conclude Round 3.

Your revisions are due, to the blog, on Wednesday, January 20.

Less Miserables: Worked in groups on the last draft of your musical. These are due at the beginning of class Wednesday. Please remember to date your drafts!

BatCat: Progress!

Middle School: Quiz on Chapter 7 of The Tipping Point. We played a memory game. Remember that your first drafts of your “trend” stories are due to Mr. Cageao on Wednesday.

For Monday, Jan. 25: please have read the “Afterword,” and have your books ready to turn in.

Survey: Poetry: You filled out notecards listing five significant details about you. Then I gave out a packet of “self-portrait” poems by Jim Daniels and others. We read and discussed the poems and the ways they were organized.

Your assignment for next Wednesday is to write a “self-portrait” poem. Any form, any length. Remember, however, that organizers (especially internal organizers) can not only give a poem structure, they can give it a reason for being. Who cares about five random facts about you? I don’t know, but they’re more likely to care if you frame them with a story or repetition, or if you choose an external organizer like the fake resume/application.

Survey: Fiction: Prompt 12 was checked for completion.

Today we did an in-class writing exercise (Fortunately/Unfortunately). If you were absent, you do not need to make this up (but you might want to ask to see some of the stories that were generated by your classmates).

You added “Story as Connection/Disconnection” to your notes, and then you completed Prompt 13 (Fiction 1.11.16 – Prompt 13, Fairy Tale Analysis). This will complete your notebook for this semester, which will be collected before the final exam on Friday. Please go back through and make sure that you have all prompts and notes – I will not be providing a list, so do make sure that if you were absent that you got the notes missed from a classmate.  

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