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Wednesday, January 13

January 13, 2016

CNF Workshop: Today: Revisions from Ohlund, Blackham and Bett. I gave out packets with the final three revisions (Denny, Hill and Holley). Comments on those three, along with McClintock, are due by 8:45 a.m. Wednesday — our final workshop of the semester.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Anthony. If Cecilia is here next Wednesday, we will finish her discussion then, so hold on to that one for now.

Your revisions are due to the blog by next Wednesday.

Less Miserables: You turned in your final scripts. Met with Puff Pastries and Pointe to go over them, with some music. I’ll meet with Tea and Emo Friday. You will also be reviewing scripts from the other groups.

BatCat: We do what we can.

Survey: Poetry: We reviewed a list of common poetic tropes and terms that aren’t in the book. Next Wednesday, Jan. 20, we will have an extra credit quiz on these terms, along with the 15 spelling words from our spelling bee last December. See me if you didn’t get these handouts. (I moved the quiz to next week, rather than Friday, so that it doesn’t conflict with your Fiction final on Tuesday.)

If you get a perfect score on the quiz, you get five bonus points added to your final. If you get an A, you get three bonus points. If you get a B, you get two bonus points. And if you get all 15 spelling words correct, you get one point, regardless of how you do on the rest.

If you want to practice tropes and terms, here is a practice sheet. Common terms and tropes practice January 2016 Probably one or two of these examples will appear on the quiz.

Your self-portrait poem is due next Wednesday, as well — your final poem of the semester. Make it your best!

Survey: Fiction: Today we did an in-class activity that involved drawing pictures and reorganizing them into some kind of story in groups. There is no new homework and if you were absent, you do not need to make this activity up.

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