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Friday, January 15

January 15, 2016

Songwriting: Final: you wrote lyrics (in groups) to a basic track.We tried to incorporate the stuff we’ve talked about all semester (the importance of syllabics and meter; the use of all types of rhyme, including internal rhyme; the importance of repetition, and repeating the right stuff; and the importance of having every verse “advance your agenda,” so to speak). We began with a title and a concept; wrote a chorus; and then moved on to the verses and the bridge.

We have three contenders; the best one will get the full demo treatment.

Critical Reading: Today we talked about how the process and ideas we used this semester could be used to “read the world.”

If we had more time, we’d go back to the first reading we did for this class: Saussure’s writing on linguistics and semiotics. Semiotics, in simplistic terms, the study of signs. Saussure talked about how language itself is really just a bunch of arbitrary signs.

We spent this semester looking at specific texts – from single sentences to articles to commercials and ads to a feature film – and went about interpreting them in different ways, including using filters or approaching the texts in interesting ways, like deconstruction. Our next step to expand our view, and use some of the techniques and ideas about interpretation  to look at some alternative “texts” in the world – objects, people, movements, memes, etc.

What can we look at specifically in the interest of reading the world? Cultural Practices are the ways people do particular things (such as watching television) in a given culture. Cultural Developments are changes or trends that occur in a culture. Examples of cultural developments might be the fact that more people are reading books electronically or that ‘80s fashion is making a comeback. Cultural Objects are single objects that are a part of larger cultural practices or developments (such as iPhones, Doc Martens, or Kindles).

You have one last assignment for this class: Critical Reading 1.15.16 – Final Assignment, Cultural Object. This is due next Friday. Your final papers are due on Tuesday, 1/19 – first thing next week. Please note that the official late paper policy will be fully enforced for this paper (20% off per day late), so it is in your best interests to hand it in on time. If you are absent on Tuesday, please email it me:

Less Miserables: Met with Emo and Tea Time. You began reviewing the three other musicals, making notes and suggestions for each. These will all be due Wednesday.

If you need copies of the scripts, here they are:

Emo: EmoisMyDreamoBook

Tea Time: Tea Time Love Scene 1 Jan 2016

Puff Pastries: Absolute Script

Pointe: You’ve Got A Pointe

And if you want to listen to some (very, very, rough) sketches of some of the music, you can go here.

BatCat: Progress on all fronts. Thank you, everyone, for your contributions!

Middle School: Watched the Twilight Zone episode “Escape Clause” and talked about a popular story template: one centered around the idea of “Be careful what you wish for.” We discussed several familiar stories with this model, from The Wizard of Oz and Aladdin to Pet Semetary.

You created characters and situations who fit this template; we’ll start using them next Friday.

Survey: Poetry: A fiction activity about a fourth story model, Story as Connection/Disconnection. It won’t be on the final Tuesday, but the first three models will be, and we reviewed them as well.

Survey: Fiction: Reviewed for the final.  

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