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Tuesday, January 19

January 19, 2016

Violence: Reviewed works by Hill, Ohlund, Thellman, Swogger. You turned in your King Lear paper — at least, a few people did. The last date I can accept these is at the beginning of class Thursday — otherwise, it’s a zero.

That leaves the following pieces to review Thursday: Hulick, Nickel, and maybe Lewis. We’ll conclude with a few more words about Lear and a general wrapup of the class, and how you might be able to use this material in the future, both in analyzing other people’s works and in your own writing.

Radio: Today you met in your group to prepare for our final class on Thursday. In your groups you were asked to select a section (or several) from your final project to share and discuss with the class. These sections should be representative in some way of what you were trying to achieve as a group, or of what you think went well (or didn’t). I also asked you to discuss your self-evaluations – specifically the second page, in which you were to listen to your project and write out your thoughts.

On Thursday, you’ll share your clips as well as talk a bit about your process/evaluations, allowing me (and the other group) to throw in some comments as well.

Siren: Turned in February copy. If you didn’t get quotes, or enough quotes, expect to be sent out to get them. This is a must, every month.

Style: Today you shared and handed in your final styles. If you have any recent assignments outstanding and you want to hand them in for whatever partial credit you may still be eligible for, please do so ASAP.

Thursday will be an in-class activity; don’t plan on having down time.

Survey: Fiction (All): Took Part A of the Fiction final. Part B will be completed tomorrow. BRING YOUR NORTON ANTHOLOGY – YOU WILL NEED IT FOR THE EXAM! 🙂 Also, notebooks will be collected again tomorrow for the final notebook check.

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