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Tuesday, January 26

January 26, 2016

WWTWWT: Today we covered an ethical problem (“Bank Error in Your Favour”), reviewed the syllabus why-we-think-what-we-think-2016-syllabus, gave out textbooks, and talked (briefly) about the four main questions that philosophy attempts to answer — and the branches of philosophy each question represents:

1. What is the nature of reality? (This is the branch of philosophy, roughly speaking, that we call metaphysics.)

2. What is the nature of human existence? (This is usually referred to as ontology.)

3. What can we know and how can we know it? (This branch of philosophy is normally called epistemology.)

4. How should we act? (Ethics, in other words.)

For Thursday: please read the Introduction in your textbook.

History: Today we went over the syllabus (Book History 1.26.16 – Syllabus), then we did some handwriting discussion: everyone wrote out the alphabet and we discussed the differences between each person’s handwriting. Then you rewrote the alphabet using the “font” from someone else’s writing, and finally you wrote an introductory paragraph for yourself, paying attention to your writing habits as you did so.

Assignment #1 was handed out: Book History 1.26.16 – Assignment 1, Writing Without Writing. This is due one week from today (2/2/16).

If you are able to, please bring in to the materials list from the syllabus at your earliest convenience – we will need the newspaper/magazines and the wooden picture frames first (probably starting late next week or so).

Siren: Made March story assignments. if you didn’t get one, see Miss Nickel.

Daily Prompt: Today we went over the syllabus (Prompt 1.26.16 – Syllabus). There are a lot of specifics to how this class operates – if you have any questions, let me know. You need to have your notebook/journal as well as your first 4 prompts done for next Tuesday (2/2/16). The prompt website is here:

In class you completed your first prompt, which was an introductory acrostic “poem.” If you wrote this on a separate piece of paper, please tape or staple it into your notebook for the check next week.

Survey: CNF: Read David Sedaris’s essay “You Can’t Kill the Rooster” aloud. We reviewed the syllabus Survey CNF syllabus 2016 and a one-page list of questions and terms CNF overview 2015, which I would like for you to keep handy.

Survey: Screenwriting: 

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