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Monday, Feb. 1

February 1, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Prompts: finished the “cover” poem of a song you admire for its lyrics. Then you did a series of four or five linked haiku that tell a story. These I want to see Wednesday; it is a homework assignment.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we started off with a writing prompt – “He said, She said” flash fiction. We will be doing prompts to open classes occasionally throughout the semester – keep these things around.

We set the order for Round 1 – we are starting with Own and Emmett, who are both due on Monday (2/8). I will post the rest of the schedule in a bit.

The rest of the time was yours to work. Remember that Round 1 must be from the madlibs-style prompt from last week. Round 2, which will immediately follow the end of Round 1, is your choice (but please do not exceed 15 pages. Flash fiction is perfectly acceptable – shorter pieces tend to go over a bit better in workshop, but write what you feel inclined to write).

Cultural Literacy: Gave back the pre-quizzes. They weren’t as bad as you think. (Really.)

Assignment for Wednesday: you were to visit and take three tests: on the geography of the Middle East, Asia and Western Europe. I asked you to screenshot passing grades (more than 60 percent) on each of these quizzes and have them to show me (emails BEFORE class are OK) Wednesday.

BatCat: Today we talked a little bit about design ideas for the publications. Please keep thinking on these things. No mock-ups yet – I’ll approach individuals to take on the making of these in order to conserve materials.

Middle School: You formed “families” and figured out how much in federal, state and local taxes you would pay.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in Assignment 1 (if you were absent, and several of you were, please get this to me ASAP – tomorrow, if you’re in class), then we finished watching Some Like It Hot. We will discuss all of this on Wednesday. If you were absent and need to make up the viewing, see me ASAP to figure out how to get this done. 

There is no specific homework for Wednesday, but please do finish up your notes on the film (there was a notes sheet handed out on Friday) – I will be collecting these.

Survey: CNF: Began by collecting homework from Wednesday. Then we wrote a moment/riff about a time when you learned something important. Finally we identified moments and riffs on a handout (Mrs. Riboflavin) and in a second David Sedaris essay (“Today’s Special.”) No assignment for Wednesday.

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