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Friday, February 5

February 5, 2016

Pulp: Did more stuff. Working toward (hopefully) getting lists together by the end of class next week.

Project: Today your proposal, part 1, was due. You shared your ideas with the class and in smaller groups. Take this week to think more about your proposed project, and figure out some more concrete details about what you are going to take on, how you’re going to approach it, and what your ultimate goal will be. Next week, you’ll be assigned part 2 of the proposal, which will be a much more detailed explanation of your plans.

Cultural Literacy: GhettoGeoBingoPurge, with Winger, et al. I know I learned a few things and I sure hope you did too.

BatCat: The usual. Thanks to everyone for doing what needs to be done. We were unable to have conversations about 3rd manuscript/AWP handout due to the PSAT meeting, so this will be pushed back to Monday. We will also take a little bit of time next week to discuss book designs further (though likely not on Monday).

Middle School: SpongeBob. Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go. And more.

Survey: Combined: In an effort to combine elements of both screenwriting and CNF: narrator prompts.

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