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Wednesday, February 10

February 10, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Nice start today! We workshopped Swogger and Hall; we’ll hold Lepczyk over for next Wednesday.

The remaining four poems in Packet #1 are due Wednesday (comments and annotations): Doban, Campbell, Winkle, Cianfarano.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Owen and Emmet. Kira and Sara’s stories were handed out and need to be prepared for next Wednesday (no school on Monday).

Cultural Literacy: You (or I) read your We Are the World Prompts, and we discovered that there is a huge untapped reservoir of Accelerated Reader angst.

BatCat: The usual.

Survey: CNF: I gave you a sample “five paragraph essay” (no, not one of THOSE five-paragraph essay) as a template for how we’re going to write the first essay: moment/riff/moment/riff/moment. We noted the embedded (montage) riffs;  discussed the rules about changing names and (briefly) libel; and covered the Armstrong family tree:



You wrote the first graf/moment of your first essay, and outlined the other four grafs on the back. I collected these and will return them Friday, when we resume.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we added a couple of new terms and points on our model: inciting incident, midpoint and climax/crisis. We watched three different Pixar shorts (Knick Knack, For the Birds, and Lifted) and analyzed them in terms of three act structure.

The next big assignment was handed out: Screenwriting 2.10.16 – Assignment 3, Silent Script. Please have Part 1 – Outline done for Friday. Please note that you are not yet writing the actual screenplay – just outlining the story you plan to tell. Your outline style is up to you. I also gave you a short script to look over as a model: Screenwriting 2.10.16 – Squirrel Script. You can read this in advance for Friday, but don’t have to – we will read and analyze it in class.

Please read the assignment sheet carefully, as it may include information that will be helpful to you in your planning. Some time on Friday will be spent refining your ideas for this script, so please come prepared! 🙂


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