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Friday, February 12

February 12, 2016

Pulp: Getting where we need to be. Next Friday every genre groups needs to have its pieces picked and its comments ready for the pieces accepted. We’ll send out notifications then with a deadline of Feb. 29 for those pieces that need revisions.

Project: Today I gave you the assignment sheet for Part 2 of the proposal. This is due next week, and please make sure that all of it is completed in an extremely thorough, extensive manner. Project 2.12.16 – Proposal Part 2

Cultural Literacy: Took a practice geography quiz. Most people did fine; the people who got the required 80 percent knew the Middle Eastern countries. The ones who didn’t, didn’t.

The key country is Syria, because Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan run almost exactly left-t0-right. If you find Syria, the other three go right in order. How can you find Syria?

  1. Find Italy. This is easy — the boot.
  2. Find Greece. It’s to the east of Italy.
  3. Find Turkey. It’s right across the Aegean Sea from Greece (to the east).
  4. Syria is right beneath Turkey.

The deal Wednesday is:

  • You have to get 80 percent on the 20 major countries:

The Americas:

    1. The United States
    2. Canada
    3. Mexico
    4. Chile
    5. Colombia


    1. The United Kingdom/Ireland
    2. France
    3. Germany
    4. Spain
    5. Greece

    The Middle East:

    1. Syria
    2. Iraq
    3. Iran
    4. Afghanistan
    5. Israel


    1. Russia
    2. China
    3. India
    4. Japan
    5. North and South Korea
  • If you get 80 percent on the 10 peripheral countries (Argentina. Chile, Greenland, Australia, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt), you get three bonus points toward your total grade.
  • You have to make 80 percent on the main countries, or keep retaking the quiz until you get it.

I also gave out copies of Founding Brothers today. No reading assignment yet — we’re a ways off — but you’re free to read ahead. (Hamilton fans will find lots of familiar material, especially in the first two chapters.)

BatCat: Continued. Please make sure to check your calendars for March 12, for the weekend class.

Survey: CNF: Worked on our first, five-paragraph essays, which are due next Wednesday.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you wrote loglines for your short outlines, and then shared them in class. The second half of class was spent reading the squirrel screenplay and analyzing its structure and watching Pixar films. Here’s the logline sheet: Screenwriting 2.12.16 – Logline Sheet

There is no homework for Wednesday, but please keep thinking about your short film stories. On Wednesday we’ll go over the rest of what you need to know to write the script, and then it will be due sometime the following week.

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