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Wednesday, February 17

February 17, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: Winkle and Lepczyk. We have three poems that will carry over to Monday: Campbell, Cianfarano and Doban.

I assigned two more piece for Monday: comments and annotations for Denny and McKinzie. McClintock and Paul will be due for next Wednesday. The schedule looks like this at the moment, pending absences and, of course, weather interruptions:

Monday, Feb. 22: Campbell, Cianfarano and Doban

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Denny, McKinzie and McClintock

Monday, Feb. 29: Paul and the beginning of Round 2.

That means I am going to have to call for Round 2 pieces on the blog by 8:45 a.m. Thursday. If I can give an extension, I will — but don’t count on it.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Kira. Sara was not here, and so will be pushed to Monday. Only one new story was handed out (Haley’s), which is also due for Monday.

Please note that late online comments will no longer be accepted for credit – even if you’re absent, they must be posted by the beginning of class just as if you were here. If you skip some online comments, you can still – and should, really – post them for the sake of the author, but they will not be accepted for grading purposes.

Cultural Literacy: Took the geography quiz. If you were absent; you’ll take it on Friday. if you don’t get 80 percent on the 20 “core countries,” you’ll take it again Monday.

Our next unit is Literary History, which includes classical mythology. We began talking about the pantheon of Greek Olympians, which I can already tell I’m going to have to amend for Friday. (There’s no universal source of stories or characters in Greek myth, which causes some confusion.)

There is no assignment, though there will be something for next week — so stay tuned.

BatCat: Please check your calendars and see if you will be able to help with the weekend workshop – Saturday, March 12. Please note that I need a commitment from those planning to help by early next week.

Survey: CNF: Today you turned in your first essays. Then we listened to this broadcast from 2000 of David Sedaris reading his essay “The Youth in Asia” on NPR’s This American Life, as we followed along with the version that appeared in his book Me Talk Pretty One Day. We talked about focus and theme, and how the humor works in this essay.

You then wrote a moment/moment tree for a moment in which you were afraid to tell someone something. You will choose either this subject (which could change somewhat, depending on the moment tree moments you choose) or one of the first five topics we discussed, for your next essay, which is due a week from today (Wednesday, Feb. 24).

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we went over scene headings – what they are and how they should be used. Here’s the sheet handed out in class: Screenwriting 2.17.16 – Scene Headings Handout.

We set a due date for your silent screenplay (Screenwriting 2.10.16 – Assignment 3, Silent Script – part B): Monday, February 29. If you have any questions in the meantime, do let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to reading these and seeing what you all come up with!

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