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Monday, Feb. 29

February 29, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today: McKinzie, McClintock and Paul. Wednesday we’ll finish out the rotation with Thellman and Holley.

Your second-round poems will be distributed Wednesday. You will have until the following Wednesday to do the first batch (I’ll be gone Monday, March 7), so I’ll probably assign at least four or five.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Nova and Andi, and the new round was set. Here are the due dates:

Wednesday, March 9: Sara, Kira

Monday, March 14: Andi, Emmett

Wednesday, March 16: Victoria, Danielle

Monday, March 28: Ken, Owen

Monday, April 4: Nova, Anthony

Wednesday, April 6: Kat, Haley

Remember that Round 2 is your choice – the only requirements is that it be fiction and that it be school appropriate (and not outrageously long). It’s also worth noting that this will bring us well into April… and that there’s not much time left in the school year after that. We will certainly have a Round 3 and perhaps even 4, but this one will go far in determining your final grade.

Please have Kat B and Ken ready to go for Wednesday.

Cultural Lit: Collected homework on the three Os and P. Classical mythology quiz. If you were absent, you’ll take it Wednesday.

BatCat: We have LOTS of stuff to get done. We are staying after Thursday to marble (again, contingent upon weather that isn’t bad).

Middle School Lit: Poetry Liberation Front! We collected lines and phrases from around campus and then tried to choose one to build a poem around. We talked about 1) how the context of the phrase might change, dramatically; 2) what you want to use this line or phrase to say in the poem you write; and 3) what image(s) you might use to get this across.

You’ll have time on Wednesday to work on these: they will be due next Monday.

7th/8th Grade Rotation: Talked about storyboarding by looking at an excerpt from the excellent Making Comics. Then you and your partner(s) attemped to storyboard your “be careful what you wish for” ideas. We’ll continue Friday.

Survey: CNF: Today we listened to the humiliation of Mike Daisey. We did it to illustrate a couple of important points, one of which is the public’s perception of what a writer is, and does, and the other being the difficulties of being an activist (which Mike Daisey clearly is, and was) and an artist. One thing often drives the other thing, and the thing doing the driving usually isn’t the art.

I collected your “sense of place” notecards and will return them tomorrow. Your sense of place essays are due on Friday, when we will have a combined class with our guest speaker, Beth Cochran. I will collect the essays at the beginning of class.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we spent most of class self-editing your Assignment 3, Part B. I did NOT collect these – you need to fix your errors and hand it in officially on Wednesday.

The rest of class was spent working on a prompt; if you were absent, you don’t need to make this up. No new homework.

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