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Monday, March 7

March 7, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today was a work day; the first six poems from the packet are due to be commented and annotated by Wednesday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we did an in-class discussion/activity – you picked a passage you liked from The Norton Anthology, then read Why, Honey? by Raymond Carver. We read an excerpt from the NYT on Carver’s work and his relationship with his editor, Lish, then had a brief discussion about what the editor’s role is (and, sort of, what it ought to be). Fiction Workshop 3.7.16 – Carver Editorial Overview

The rest of class was spent working on rewriting your selected passage in a variety of ways. Fiction Workshop 3.7.16 – ICA, Guidelines. I checked your progress at the end of class; you will have more time to work on this on Wednesday, so don’t lose track of it.

Cultural Literacy: Watched animated versions of The Canterbury Tales.

BatCat: Looks like we’ll be staying after this Thursday to make paste papers for AWP handouts, and then, of course, the class is happening on Saturday. PLEASE try to get a few more people to sign up – we have a few, but could definitely use a few more.

Survey: CNF: You interviewed one another and took notes. These Q&As are due at the beginning of class on Wednesday. You also need to have Frank Sinatra has a Cold read for Wednesday, as there will be a quiz.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we read the next 20 pages of Strangers on a Train and then you watched the corresponding clip plus some. Still no new homework.

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