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Tuesday, March 8

March 8, 2016

WWTWWT: Today was a review day for Thursday’s quiz about Plato and Aristotle. To recap the highlights:

  • You should understand the major difference between the two is Plato’s rationalism (we get all important information from our reason; the senses can mislead us) and Aristotle’s empiricism (we can trust our senses to give us accurate information).
  • You should know the answers of each guy to each of the four major philosophical questions. (That’s the front of the “Plato Sez/Aristotle Sez” handout I gave you.)
  • You should understand, and be able to identify, Plato’s Realm of Ideal Forms, and Aristotle’s Four Causes, and the importance of each to each man’s philosophy.
  • You should know what Plato’s view of the ideal society was, and his views on art. (And why he held them.)
  • You should be able to define Aristotle’s concept of hylomorphism (matter + form).
  • You should understand both men’s views of the soul — where it comes from and where it goes.
  • You should understand Aristotle’s concepts of actuality and potentiality, and how they related to his concept of the “Unmoved Mover.”
  • You should know the telos (purpose) of human beings, according to Aristotle, and how it compares to Plato and Socrates’s concepts of virtue and “the good life.”
  • Finally, you should understand Aristotle’s concept of “The Golden Mean,” which I’m reproducing here, since we kind of rushed through it:
  • This is, simply, a path between two extremes that will lead to virtue. For example, take the emotion fear. If you have too little, you’re reckless (a vice). If you have too much, that’s also a vice, cowardice. But if you have “just enough,” you’ll be courageous (but sensible). Here’s a chart:

History: Today some of you finished up presenting your manuscript research from last week. In groups, you dismantled a hardcover book, and in your notes you should have diagrams marking the following elements: spine/back, cover/case, head, tail, fore edge, endbands (headband, tailband), textblock/bookblock, endpages/endpaper/endsheets, and super (spine reinforcement).

We talked a little bit at the end about the reading assignment (the scroll); we will finish this discussion at the beginning of class on Thursday.

Thursday is an important day: All of your pages for the Book of Hours are due (13 copies total), and you will be illuminating your selected page in class. If you have any special inks, pens, markers, etc. that you’d like to bring in to use for your illuminated page, feel free (it’s not required, though). Metallic inks/gilding material will be provided.

Please also glance at the first half of the Illumination handout from last week before Thursday, so that you have a little additional context for what we’ll be doing.

If you have any questions, see me.

Siren: Edited March copy; worked on April Fool’s stuff.

Daily Prompt: Notebooks were checked, and then you read. If you were one of the several people who did not have their notebooks today, please bring them to me tomorrow (the sooner the better, points-wise) to be checked. If you wait till next Tuesday, credit will be minimal.

We will be doing an activity on Thursday, as always.

Survey: CNF: You interviewed one another and took notes. These Q&As are due at the beginning of class on Thursday. You also need to have Frank Sinatra has a Cold read for Thursday, as there will be a quiz.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you handed in your revised first screenplays. Hooray! The Tootsie quiz was handed back and we went over it together, then read the next few pages of Strangers on a Train and watched about 40 minutes of the film. I gave you the next section of Strangers as well, though we didn’t read it in class – I encourage you to do so, but please be aware that there are MANY references to camerawork (and that’s not your job, so don’t model after it – it’s good to read anyway!).


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