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Wednesday, March 9

March 9, 2016

Poetry Workshop: Today we began Round Two. We workshopped Hall, Winkle and Campbell.

For next Monday: comments and annotations for McKinzie, Paul and Holley. For next Wednesday: Denny and McClintock.

Fiction Workshop: The first half of class was spent working on the rewrites assignment from Monday. We briefly discussed the virtues of rewriting – the thing I’d love for you to remember and remind yourself is that there is always more to do. If you think you’re done with something, pick a section of it to rewrite. You could even use one of the rules from this list. Experiment. See if there’s something – an idea, a style, a word – that you’re missing or overlooking. Most of you said that you enjoyed this assignment; try to transfer that attitude and desire over to your own work, in the interest of revision.

Two new stories were handed out today: Kira and Sara. These are due to be workshopped on Monday. Online comments need to be posted by the beginning of class, and annotations will be checked in class.

Cultural Lit: We talked a little more about Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, from which you watched a couple of tales on Monday.

To enact our own version, you created a character for yourself, by profession. Then we selected a destination for our pilgrimage — not Canterbury, but a place outside God’s peripheral vision. (Which we take to include AnthroCon and a Dolly Parton Lookalike Contest.)

Your job for Friday is to come up with a  tale to tell for our journey. It must be a maximum of 500 words, hand- or typewritten. And it should be good enough to win an award — lunch from Subway.

BatCat: LOTS of stuff going on! We are staying after school tomorrow to make paste paper – it will get messy, so it might be wise to bring some clothes you don’t care about getting paint on. 🙂

Survey: CNF: Took a quiz on “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold.” Then we talked about it, and about the five dos and don’ts of interviewing — which, along with the Lee Gutkind excerpt I gave you, is quizzable material. Read it for Monday.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today I handed back your screenplays and we read a few examples in class. Then we went on to finish Strangers on a Train. Before watching the rest of the film, you wrote up some of your thoughts on the suspense built up in the film, as well as the Guy’s stakes and your opinion on whether or not he is truly innocent.

No new homework.

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