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Friday, April 1

April 1, 2016

Portfolios for non-Survey folks are due Monday. Please, I ask only that you leave me/us out of your printing plans. The printer in the big classroom is available; of course, there’s always the third floor.

pulp.: Briefly discussed the release party. Fundraising needs to be in by Monday.

Project: Stuff. Midterm reports are coming up.

Cultural Lit: Résumé-writing. We talked about ways you can format your résumé — and there are lots of options. Here are some samples from Tulane University, including a couple we viewed in class.

I went over the necessary parts of the résumé, in my opinion, for you guys:

  • A header, with name, address, phone and email — the last two being ones that you check regularly. Set up a “business” email if necessary. No social media links unless the job requires it (and unless you’ve vetted your social media profile first).
  • An objective. Simply put, what kind of opportunity are you looking for, and what –briefly — do you have to offer such an employer? Tailoring of objectives is a good idea, although you don’t want to make it TOO tailored and TOO weird:
  • Education: I’d put my high school and expected graduation date. Your GPA, if it’s worth recording. Résumé #1 on the Tulane site breaks Education down into “Awards” and “Notable courses,” which is a good way to mention classes that might impress someone (AP or CHS courses; in some cases, L.A. classes like workshops; etc.)
  • Professional Experience: If you have any. Use action verbs that highlight job responsibilities. In these listings, verbs usually come first: “Empited wastebaskets. Developed nuclear meltdown protcol.” Etc., etc.
  • You might also merge Professional Experience (if you don’t, start a new category, like Academic Projects or something) with the jobs you’ve held here at school, on the press, pulp. and The SIREN. Same as above: action verbs that highlight responsibilities. We went over these in class — they sound more impressive than you might think.
  • Skills (also called Skills and Experiences, or Other Experiences): Do you have any that haven’t been covered? Using any MS or Adobe programs counts. So does some level of fluency in another language. So, in some cases, does familiarity with social media — but be careful.
  • Awards, if you haven’t covered this elsewhere. (Remember writing awards!)
  • You might also consider some other catchall category, like Memberships (scouting, professional organizations, clubs — especially if you distinguished yourself or hold/held an office)

Remember: no pronouns, especially not “I.” And keep it to a single page, without using 6-pt type.

Your assignment for Monday is to write a résumé. Any format, any template. I will help you edit them. BUT I insist: no mistakes, grammatical, punctuation-wise, or otherwise, or no credit. And yes, it needs to be typed.

BatCat folks: this is not required, but I will be glad to edit one of these for you, should you choose to do it.


Middle School: Talked about the “90/10 Rule,” which claims you learn 90 percent of the information you need about a movie in the first 10 minutes. We tried it out with The Lion King and RED.

Survey: Combined: Baby Jane, Part II. All that needs said.

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